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How To Make Black Scratch Off Paper

Scratch Art Paper Supplies. Black and White Scratchboards – Black pre-inked top coat white china clay underneath.

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I chose the book since I wanted to use it as a sketchbook later.

How to make black scratch off paper. Put some wax paper down to protect your surface. Finally we scratched our pictures and designs through the surface of the wet paint with toothpicks and Q-tips. We used different colors and made it on a diagonal design.

Once you have filled the paper with crayons patterns color heavily over the whole paper using black crayon. I would say maybe two tablespoons of paint with a good sized drop like 14 to a scant 12 tsp of regular dish detergent. Make sure you spread out the colors evenly so that when scratched off the rainbow under it looks nice.

Let the paper remain on the newspaper as the paint dries. For some chemical reason the soap makes the black tempera adhere to the crayon-covered paper. You can etch any shapes or designs youd like.

Scrape off the black ink to create a design or image. Even if you cant hide all the color it still creates a really fun effect. This black acrylic paint works best.

Place your card stock on a piece of wax paper which will help protect your table. Cover the paper completely. Black acrylic craft paint.

Using an inexpensive foam brush paint all the crayon covered papers and let dry over night. First I tried washable tempera paint but it just didnt cover the crayon. Make sure you cover up the entire paper to keep the colors a surprise.

I had difficulty getting a solid black and I have a theory that a non-washable crayon will create a darker effect. Stir the two together gently with the foam brush to avoid creating suds in the mixture Image 2. Now mix up your scratch off solution.

What makes this. Paint your entire page with the paint. The kids were so into this.

It covers the crayon well and scratches off easily. For use with metal or wooden scratch tool. I recommend coloring all one way then the other.

10 Boards in one book. Try making images like stars and planets a city skyline flowers or fireworks. Take your black crayon and color all over the paper covering up the bright colors.

High Quality Paper StockWeight – 10 pt. They have to be wax based so make sure that they are. Scratch Art Paper.

Scratch through the black paint using the. Take a little container or a small dish and mix 1 part dish soap to 2 parts silver craft paint. It is best to use light colors at this stage.

Stir the paint and dish soap together until it is well-mixed. Use a coin to scratch off the black paint and try to find the hidden rainbows. The next day sharpened dowel rod about 6 inches long or even a tooth pick to scratch the paint off and create.

Once youve finished doing that start coloring over the entire paper with a black crayon. Color your cardstock with your oil pastels. Mix 3 parts paint to 1 part dish soap 31 ratio and stir.

After your paper is colored take black tempera paint I used washable kids paint by Plaid that I found at Wal-Mart and mix in a drop of liquid dish detergent. This can be lose paper or a sketchnote book. Steps to Make Your Scratch Art for Kids Design.

Making art paper is great way for your child to express their creativity and imagination. While we used black paint keep in mind that you can use any color acrylic for the top layer to further customize the look of your DIY scratch art. Alternatively paint the paper using black Indian ink.

If youre doing unicorns like we did use pinks purples and blues. Cover the area that youd like to be scratchable. Paint over the crayon-covered side of the paper black using a 1-inch-wide sponge brush.

Paint your scratch-off area. Print your template on cardstock and cut to size with scissors or a paper cutter. Allow to dry completely.

Board Size – 8-12 x 11in. New 3 from 1153 FREE Shipping on orders over 2500 shipped by Amazon. I tried a few different types of paper and paint before settling on this supply list.

Plan out a picture or design and using the popsicle stick or paper clip scratch the design into the black crayon. You will be able to smell the soap afterwards so pick a smell you like. Coloring your paper with oil pastels making sure to press really hard.

How to Make DIY Scratch Off Cards. Use color themes that may match your design. You can use another color to cover the top but black looks the.

Then we painted over the oil pastel with a layer of black BioColor paint. I used black but Im sure you could use another color too. Tape your paper onto a piece of butcher paper or newspaper so it doesnt move.

Use a paperclip or popsicle stick to scrape lines into the black ink and reveal the bright pastel layer below. We made rainbow stripes. Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

Mix paint and dish soap in a ratio of 2 parts paint to 1 part dish soap. First we covered paper with oil pastel drawings until the entire sheet was full of color. Layer black paint over your rainbow drawing.

The dish soap dilutes the paint and allows it to stay a little flexible as it dries preventing it from simply chipping off. Use bright colors to create any pattern to design you choose. Fill the paper with crayon shapes and patterns making sure to press hard.

In a bowl combine equal parts acrylic paint with dish soap Image 1.

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